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Moissanite China offers many popular Moissanite jewelry wholesale for retailers. Our moissanite jewelry are made of S 925 sterling silver material, high quality D color and VVS1 clarity moissanite gemstones. By mixing wholesale purchases, you can get a large amount of exquisite moissanite jewelry for a smaller amount of . Whether you sell in a physical store or online, you can get customers’ love.

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Moissanite Earring Wholesale

Moissanite earrings have always been one of the most representative jewelry for women. We wholesalesell all kinds of popular moissanite tassel earrings, pearl earrings, gold plated moissanite earrings, four or six claw classic earrings, etc.

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Although cubic zirconia is also a man-made gemstone, it is a type of zircon and can easily get scratched after wearing for a long time. The internal structure, value, and appearance of moissanite are strikingly similar to diamonds, providing better fire and more scratch resistance. Are you looking for a reliable moissanite jewelry wholesaler? Choose Chinese moissanite or American moissanite suppliers?

In fact, when choosing moissanite jewelry, you also need to look at the quality. Different moissanite diamonds have different qualities, just like diamonds, you also need to look at the color and clarity. The production technology of Chinese moissanite is very mature, not only of good quality, but also popular in the world.

The moissanite products made by Chinese moissanite factories are as good as those in the United States. You can be fully confident in choosing a reliable moissanite wholesale supplier as one of your sources. Among the many moissanite jewelry suppliers, Moissanite China is one of the trustworthy options with its good service and durable and long-lasting moissanite jewelry quality.

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Moissanite can shine brighter than diamonds, and its fire is more amazing, and its price is only 1/10 of diamonds. Moissanite is harder than other gemstones, and its high hardness makes it difficult to scratch and crack, and it can be preserved forever.

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Moissanite Necklace Wholesale

Moissanite necklaces not only add brilliance to you, but also show your personality and taste. We wholesale various high-quality D-color, S925 material, the latest popular styles, adjustable length moissanite necklaces, including classic six-claw, bull head, snowflake, small waist and other popular designs, suitable for wearing on different occasions.
Moissanite necklace
Moissanite necklace

Many Options for Your Moissanite Jewelry

100% genuine Mossanite

Our wholesale moissanite jewelry are made of real high-quality D-color moissanite + S925 silver, not other cheap gemstones and materials. You can be free from quality concerns.

  • Good Quality
  • 100% real


In addition to D color moissanite jewelry wholesale, we also offer a variety of colored moissanite jewelry, including colorful, red, blue, yellow, green, black, pink, etc. You can better capture the tastes of different customers and bring  unique items.

Fast logistics

With a modern Moissanite jewelry factory in China and a large inventory of popular Moissanite jewelry, we are able to ship quickly. Typically, small wholesale Moissanite jewelry orders can be shipped within 72 hours.Greatly minimize your waiting time

Customized options

Exquisite packaging or logo is one of the important ways to increase added value. If you need customized logo service, or product packaging design, we can create higher added value for your moissanite jewelry.

  • custom logo
  • custom style

Mixed wholesale

Whether you want to purchase samples or place a large wholesale order, we have no minimum quantity limit, you can mix and match wholesale purchases of moissanite jewelry with confidence to get more of your favorite styles within a limited budget.

Negotiable price

Under normal circumstances, we will automatically set a certain discount based on your order amount. However, if you purchase frequently or the single order amount is large, we provide very flexible options and can negotiate prices to give you the best discount and reduce costs from the source.

Buying Wholesale Moissanite Jewelry From China

For Moissanite Manufacturers & Suppliers

We have advanced automated equipment that can produce stunning Moissanite loose stones. As a China moissanite manufacturer or supplier, you can be confident that our rigorous moissanite jewelry production process will provide you with long-lasting and durable D-Color moissanite jewelry.

For Moissanite Wholesalers

As one of the best wholesale Moissanite jewelry suppliers in China, we offer mixed wholesale Moissanite jewelry at affordable prices. By cooperating with you, you can get more popular styles with minimal fees, while ensuring that you can also get better competitiveness and profits.

For Moissanite Store Brand Owners

We work with many affordable luxury jewelry brands to provide them with tailor-made moissanite jewelry. We enjoy the process of growing with you and ensure that you find the best Chinese moissanite jewelry wholesalers to quickly replace your brand influence.


Are you a moissanite jewelry factory or a trading company?

We are a moissanite factory that provides large quantities of hot-selling moissanite jewelry wholesale.

What certifications do you offer for wholesale moissanite jewelry?

Our wholesale moissanite jewelry is 100% sourced from genuine, high-quality lab-synthesized moissanite and comes with a GRA certificate.

How to get more discounts?

When your order amount is more than $1000, you can contact us to get a more discount price.

Do you have packaging boxes for these wholesale moissanite jewelry?

We are a moissanite jewelry manufacturer. We do not produce packaging boxes and our packages are sealed waterproof bags. If you need packaging box, you can also contact us, we will provide some jewelry box options and customization services.

Do you support the customization of moissanite jewelry wholesale?

We are a moissanite jewelry factory that supports customization based on samples and drawings. Each style MQQ is 20-50 PCS depending on the quantity of your style.

Do you support logo customization services?

We support logo customization services, the MQQ is 50.